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ClickBank's affiliate tracking cookies are valid for 60 days so you'll get 75% on every sale that you make.

I am putting up a lot of banners, email and review swipes and a free ebook for those looking to give away a free report to build a list. Feel free to use anything given here but please use all these materials to promote The Eye Floaters Solution only.

All the banners are professionally designed and have been optimized and tested over a few months for the highest Click Through Rates. There are animated and static banners here. Just copy and upload them to your server to use these.

Disabling Exit-Popup / E-Mail Optin Form - For PPC Affiliates:

An exit popup is when a visitor is redirected to a different page when they are trying to leave the site without purchasing.This site uses an exit popup to capture a visitors e-mail addresses. We put the visitor on an autoresponder promoting the product, if the user comes back to the site because of these autoresponder e-mails and buys the product you still get an affiliate commission, so its in your best interest to not bypass the exit popup script as it will result in higher total earnings.

If you are using a PPC network such as Google Adwords you often have to bypass the exit popup to comply with the policies of the PPC network. We make this simple to do. To disable the exit popup feature of this site, simply ammend '?exitpop=false' to your ClickBank hoplink as shown in the example below:


Disabling Sales Video Autoplay - For PPC Affiliates:

Some PPC networks do not allow landing pages to have autoplaying videos. If you are running ads on a PPC network that requires this you can simply bypass the autoplay feature of the sales video. To disable the autoplay video feature of this site, simply amend '?autoplay=false' to your ClickBank hoplink as shown in the example below:


To disable BOTH the exit popup script and the video autoplay feature, use the Clickbank hoplink in this format:





eBook Covers


Email Swipes

Email Swipe #1

Email Swipe #2



PPC Keywords...

Video Promotion

This one will work great. It surely will. 

Use tubemogul to distribute your videos all over the video sharing sites.

Build a video around a keyword and write a paragraph where you can stuff various keywords in sentences. Don't spam. Make a presentation with text and pictures and distribute it free via tubemogul.com

Article Marketing & Press Releases

I'd instead suggest you to build your own site and SEO it. But you can still use article marketing. 

See Top Article Directories.

Then there's free blog hosts and web 2.0 sites such as squidoo, hubpages and others where you can submit.

Use Press Release for link building and traffic. Remember that every news item appears on first page of google for its keywords:

Press Release List for traffic and backlinks.


Feel free to email eyefloatsoln@gmail.com for any questions, comments, suggestions or just to say Hello.

To Your Success,

Joaquin & The Eye Floaters Solution Team




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